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If you have a feeling deep inside it's time for a career change, you are here on purpose. Read this special message from our CEO and Founder.  

Hi Lovely, I created this course to help you land the job you're actually dreaming about, providing you with the tools to make a successful career transition doing work that you love! Let's face it, taking the job leap is scary and it can be difficult to stand out to hiring managers, leaving you disappointed when you aren't selected for an interview. You've probably thought about making this change for a long time but have no confidence that you will actually get chosen for the job you want. So you stay where you're comfortable, not earning enough for your family, working long hours, and doing work that depletes your soul. 

Don't doubt the calling that has been placed on your heart. You have the talent required to make this transition. In this course, I teach you exactly how to position yourself in the market place to get noticed by hiring managers in the industry you are dreaming about. I teach you how to build a standout resume, secure job interviews and nail them, all while developing the career of your dreams!


Throughout this course you will become the captain of your career, learning how to design and execute on your career dreams. I believe when we are connected with work we love, we are able to reach out greatest professional potential. 

I've helped countless women successfully transition to new industries, strategically pitch jobs within their exiting companies, and help moms who are getting back into the workforce land work they love! The time is now to make your mark. I can't wait to help you harness your talent and passion into a thriving career that you are obsessed with. 


Career Clarity

Unlock your talent & discover the perfect career for you

In week one you will establish clarity around your dream job. You will learn how to unlock your most valuable talents, discover your "career calling", and niche down your subject matter expertise.  If you know you need a change but are unsure what your "career purpose" is, we got you. In week one you will learn how to tap into your career desires and discover the best career and industry for you.


Elite Brand Positioning

Building the ultimate Resume and Cover Letter setting you apart from other job seekers

In week two you will learn how to curate an exceptional  Resume and Cover Letter to successfully transition into the industry/position you desire.  Alexia shares with you her unique "job landing formula" to effectively share your brand story on paper to get you selected for an interview.


Job Capture

Developing your online professional brand presence to build your network and create career opportunities 

In week three you will learn how to build a stand out LinkedIn profile to launch your professional brand and effectively share your expertise with future employers. Alexia teaches you how to conduct strategic outreach techniques to build your network and land job interviews. She refers to this process as "job capture"- yes the days of submitting your resume into the black abyss are over.


Slam Dunking the Interview
Strategies to effectively share your experience with hiring managers to land the job

In week four you will learn how to give life to what you've put on paper through "active career story telling". Alexia helps you successfully answer the most common interview questions, while infusing your authenticity and X factor into your responses. Her unique interviewing techniques leave hiring managers inspired and ready to bring you on board.


In addition to your 6 hours of live training with Alexia, the course also includes complimentary career training material to help accelerate your ascent.

  1. 90 minute -Power of Brand training module: Sharing how to develop your professional brand to  accelerate your professional success. This training deep dives into Alexia's signature 5 pillars of professional branding to create the career of your dreams.

  2. 40 page professional branding workbook: Guiding you on how to craft your professional brand inside of your organization. The workbook is a step by step guide on how to execute Alexia's brand pillars. 

  3. Access to Alexia's 100 interview preparation questions: Helping you curate your brand story to nail the interview.

  4. Alexia's signature resume template: Helping you step by step design your resume content. 

  5. Outreach templates:  Helping you expand your professional network  online to secure job interviews.

Schedule & Additional Course Details

  • Weekly 90 Min  LIVE Virtual Training with Alexia Ferrari

  • Thursday Evenings (Eastern) 7:30PM -9:00PM Replay available

  • Each training designates time for live Question and Answer to deep dive your personal career strategy, branding, positioning, and goals. 

  • Alexia is available via email and messenger to answer your specific career questions during your 4 weeks together

  • Course participant info and bonus resources available once students have signed up for the course 

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